A downloadable game for Windows

Hello there! I'm Dan-The-Squid, and this is my first game uploaded to Itch.io!

This game is mostly just made with the official Unity "Roll-A-Ball" tutorial. (I just wanted to try uploading a game to see how it works, what the options are, etc.)

Controls: Arrow keys to move, ESC to quit

(By the way if you click the Pearl.jpg image in the game folder you can see Pearl, one of my pet chickens*)

Made with Unity 2018

*Note: I recently discovered that Pearl is actually a rooster. Roosters aren't allowed where I live, so I had to give him away. :(

AuthorSquicken Games
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Chicken, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

Download it, unzip the .zip file, click on the "Roll-A-Ball" .exe file


Roll-A-Ball.zip 13 MB

Development log


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I should have made this a browser game (But now I can't since I deleted the Unity file)

Hello dude

Hi Joe

How's unity? I'm still learning it myself

TBH I haven't made anything with it since sometime last year... I really need to start learning it again

Yeah I haven't even made a thing on it

she's cute

Thanks, but I recently discovered that she's actually a he!

wow really?


advertisement hello I am here to make sure you know I can help with 3D sprites If you want.

Thanks, but I want to make my own 3D stuff (I'll try to learn maybe next summer or something)

hello I have learned of your presence on itch.io

(1 edit)

Welcome, CallidusBoy! :)

And do you like my AK-47?

Yeah, it looks great! Did you make it with Blender?

Yep, I seem to have a problem though...

But guess what I am making a lightsaber!

I thought about making the Roll-a-Ball arena bigger and more maze-like. Maybe you could do that?

I think that would make it a little too Pac-Man like... :P